Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Announcing the Tour!

This is why we've been so busy recently. (Well, one of many reasons!) This is why our blog has been somewhat neglected lately. This is the exciting new project we've been hinting at!

"Visit the infamous site of Ft. Moultrie, take a walking tour of remarkably beautiful historic Charleston, peer into the impenetrable cypress swamps of the low country, examine significant battlefields with renowned historians, trespass into the lair of the ghost-like “Swamp Fox,” visit centuries-old plantations, and discover how the Revolutionary War history of the South presents timely lessons for Christians in our day and age."

Join renown historians Bill Potter and Marshall Foster for five days next April in Charleston, SC, for an exciting tour and study of Revolutionary War history in the South!

Visit www.HistoryTour2012.com to learn more!

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See you in April!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

When You Run Out of Diapers in Alaska...

...You use duct tape, of course!

With Tait at work, no car, and town 20 miles away, I was left with two diapers for Matthew for the day. I stretched those two diapers as far as I could. But, we didn't quite make it. After that second one leaked, I figured it was time to get creative. :D

Thankfully, I did have diapers for the big boys. They wear size 6, and Matthew's in size 2. After folding those size 6's down about 3-4 times and slapping on a bit of duct tape to hold them up, Matthew was good to go!

With three in diapers right now, I have just two things on my mind:

Cloth Diapers and Potty Training

We've been going so much recently that potty training has been difficult, and we haven't gotten very far. (Any tips on potty training, by the way? What's worked for you?)

Cloth diapers really have been growing on me recently. (Not literally; just figuratively ... though I do feel like I have disposables coming out of my ears....) I just need to take the plunge, get some, and use them! My sister-in-law is using them very successfully with her little guy, and as soon as we get back from our East Coast excursion, I plan to join her.

On a different note, the weather's been beautiful today, for the first time in weeks, so outside the boys went! I can feel Fall in the air already, so we're trying to enjoy these last few weeks of warm weather to the fullest! I'll leave you with a few pictures of them enjoying their lunch of peanut butter & cream cheese sandwiches with apple slices in our front yard....

To all you moms out there....
What potty-training tips do you have?
What cloth diapering tips could you share?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Marveling today, among all of the incredible busyness, at:

The love of God and our adoption through Christ
The blessing of children
The blessing of a husband who loves the Lord even more than he does his wife and children
The greatness of our calling to advance God's kingdom
The privilege to read God's Word and discover the guidance He has provided for us

What a wonderful life the Lord has given us to serve Him
and bring Him glory!

Taken on a recent road trip
We live in a beautiful state!

Oh, and the recent dearth of posts is due to
the aforementioned busyness. :D

Stay tuned for the launch of an exciting new project!