Friday, February 17, 2012

A Frigid New Header

So ... what do you think? You did notice our new header; didn't you? My brother-in-law, Philip Leclerc, took the picture while he and his wife Esther (Tait's sister) were visiting after Christmas.

It was 10 below outside, and we wanted a good picture without everyone so bundled up you couldn't see their precious shining little faces. So we rushed the little guys outside for a whirlwind photo shoot. Five minutes later, we hustled the red little cheeks and noses back inside the cozy warm house, hoping that Philip had been able to capture at least a few good shots. I think he did! : )

Honestly, after growing up in South Carolina, I'm sometimes surprised at how little the Alaskan cold bothers me. In fact, I absolutely love it! And this winter, my fourth winter up here, has been my favorite so far. It's brought both record snow and record cold ... an interesting combination, since it's rare for it to snow when the temperature drops below the teens.

By the middle of December, as much snow had fallen as we usually have in an entire winter ... about 8-9 feet. Our average temperature for January was the coldest average ever recorded, at just 2 degrees. All of the fresh snow, combined with plenty of 20 below weather, has kept things so beautiful, crisp, clean, and clear.

As much as I love the cold though, I'm not sure I could have handled Fairbanks' 50 below temperatures for weeks on end. And as much as I love the snow, I'm not sure I could have handled Valdez's 25+ feet of snowfall. Yes, it's been an extreme winter all over Alaska this year! : )

Take a look at a few of these pictures from a friend of ours in Valdez, and be amazed. ;D

A blue school bus (actually, it's a picture of snow ... with a blue school bus underneath) :D

A store's side entrance

That yellow building is actually 2 stories tall! Looks pretty small compared to that impressive snow pile!

My hometown of Charleston, SC has had a warm winter so far, with regular temperatures in the 70's! I'm looking forward to seeing some of those temperatures up here in Alaska in about 4 months! : ) How has your winter been this year?

My hubby and me (photo by Philip)

Coming soon: How we keep our sanity, cooped up inside with energetic toddlers all winter. : )

Thursday, February 16, 2012

"My Need to Get Strong!"

Quote of the day:

Tait Jr. (3): "Mommy, my have my egg now, please?"

Me: "Oh, I'm so sorry honey! You said you didn't want it, so I ate it."

Tait Jr.: "But my need my egg! My need to get strong! My need to grow up!"

I assured him that he'd grow up just fine without that egg.

Especially since he'd already had 
a whole big waffle 
and three other eggs.... :D

Showing me his strong muscles : )

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Brothers, Best Friends...

(...and sometimes worst enemies.
But that's not what this post is about.)

After pretending to feed his brother dinner in the high chair (with imaginary food), Tait Jr. (3) pretends to put his little brother Miles (2) to sleep in the rocker.

"Yours ting a tong."
"What song?"
"Yours ting a Jesus God tong. No, yours ting a David tong.
'Bout David kill da bad duy."

Then I heard a soft sing-songy (or is it "ting-tongy"?) voice from a little boy, singing his brother to sleep:

"David kill da bad duy.
David kill da bad duy! 
David kill da bad duy...."

These little guys melt my heart at least fifty times a day!


I won't even mention how long it's been since I posted last. (And don't you dare look back to see.) There are a million and one things to post ... which is probably why I haven't posted at all. :D There are four posts in the works right now, and now that I feel like I have a handle (more or less) on all of my wifely and motherly duties, you'll hopefully be seeing more of me. : )

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