Monday, April 4, 2011

Pictures: 27 Weeks Along ... 3 Weeks Late

Of course, now that I've finally gotten the chance to post these pictures from 27 weeks along with our 3rd little blessing ... they're 3 weeks late. : )

27 weeks is when our first little guy came, so I was curious how "big" I would be at that point this time around! I think I was a little smaller tummy-wise with our first, but actually a few pounds heavier than I am now. : )

Many thanks to my sister-in-law Esther for running out our front door and snapping these pictures for me on my camera! I did a little very quick editing, but she could have made them look much better with her super cool camera and mad editing skilz. : )

Me with my handsome oldest little guy!

We've made it past 30 weeks now!!! Because of the amount of mild contractions I'm having when I'm active, my doctor does want me to put myself on semi-bedrest like I did with Miles. In theory, that means no cooking, cleaning, laundry or shopping, and naps whenever possible. In practice, it means simplifying meals, streamlining and minimizing cleaning, sitting down while folding clothes, shopping very quickly without the boys or giving Tait a grocery list when he goes to town, and lying down on the couch for short periods of time if I start noticing too many contractions. Let's just say that any form of bedrest with a few little guys can be kind of difficult. :D

We'll be moving in with Tait's family soon for the next few weeks while our half-mile driveway is undrivable during breakup. Normally, we would just say here and walk in and out in the mud, but I'm definitely not supposed to be that active! It's hard to believe that we might not make it back into our home before the baby comes in just 6-7 weeks!

It will be nice to have help so close, but those will definitely be some busy weeks! One of Tait's sisters is due with her first baby in just 3 weeks, his other sister is getting married in just 5 weeks, and I'm due in just about 7! Life keeps moving!

We are so blessed with healthy rambunctious little guys, a comparatively smooth pregnancy so far, and helpful family and friends close by!