Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winter Fun and No Degrees!

We don't make it outside much during the winter. With three little guys, it can be kind of hard. They get cold quickly, and all of that snow is just a little hard for them to navigate! But, little guys turn into bigger guys, and the snow seems just a little less daunting. Yesterday, the older boys and I ventured out into the just-above-zero temperatures for some winter fun!

We threw snowballs and went for a stroller ride as far as we could down the driveway ... which wasn't very far. Those 15 inches of new powder made me feel like I was pushing a hand-held snow plow instead of a stroller!

We've had a beautifully snowy winter so far. Fresh snow nearly everyday has kept everything so clean and fresh looking! I love the winter wonderland that we're so blessed to live in, and look forward to more and more cold, snowy winter fun with my little guys!

Our driveway, coated in clean white snow - Posted using BlogPress from my Super Handy iPhone