Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland..."

Wait.... Wrong time of year. Or at least, it's supposed to be.... : )

Well, the snow was almost gone, never to return, we thought (at least, until next October anyway). And then we woke up this morning ... to this.

This post made possible, in part, by my blogging buddy, Miles. He seems to be following in his daddy's and older brother's footsteps in his fascination for all things technological.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dessert for Breakfast?

It's a little unusual for us. But there was some pie crust leftover from the chicken pot pies I made yesterday, so it was easy to throw some apples, maple syrup, cinnamon, and nutmeg, and a quick oatmeal crumb topping together for an apple breakfast. (Besides, I'll admit, I've been craving a pie for quite awhile!) I'd share the recipe, but I didn't use one or measure anything. It was yummy though, with some raw cream over the top!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hello, and welcome to our blog!

We've been trying to figure out just how to start our blogging career. And, after spending so much time trying to figure out what to post first, we decided we'd better just go ahead and take the plunge. : )

Kelly and Andrea Reins, at Ah, the Life, are hosting a giveaway for Vision Forum's Great Authors Webinar Series. They asked if those entering would state which cultural battle they are most actively fighting. Well, I got a little carried away in their comment section and decided to make it into a blog post - our first blog post! - since it describes in detail one of our family visions.
The main battle that we are fighting is the battle for our children, and ultimately, the battle for the future. We want to see Christian parents pulling their children out of the humanistic, statist public indoctrination centers. But we don't want parents to just teach their children the Three R's at home; we want to see them following a walk-along, talk-along discipleship model.

We want to see fathers working with their sons, preparing them to be providers and protectors. We want to see mothers teaching their daughters how to keep a home and manage a large family, modeling an obedient and submissive spirit towards their husbands. We want to see a love of children instilled in each child. We want to see parents putting each "subject" - and activity and even thought process! - in perspective with God's Word as the standard, realizing that there is no area of neutrality, that God's Word speaks to every area of life and living!

We want to see mothers and fathers training their children to go forth and fight the battles of the day and stand firmly on truth; encouraging their children to disciple their own children and send them out, in their turn, to continue the multi-generational vision of their parents and grandparents. We want to see children raised up as active servants of God, as cultural reformers; we want to see leaders raised up, who will fight for the truth, spread the Gospel, and advance Christ's kingdom!
This is one of our many visions for the future.

We hope to use this blog to:

~ Keep in touch with family and friends
~ Network with other like-minded families
~ Influence others for the cause of Christ
~ Chronicle exciting and every day happenings for our children and grandchildren
~ Pass on great resources, articles, books, quotes that we come across
~ Share our own articles, thoughts, and observations

So now, please join us, as we raise our children, pursue ministries, travel, learn, and live life for the glory of God!

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